Wishmaker – Your Guide to Successfully Marketing Our Casino

Wow the world of online marketing is a massive and constantly changing landscape which includes text links, banner advertising, social media posts, email marketing, native platform advertising, video advertising, sms’s and more. Just to cover ourselves, even if not specifically mentioned all forms of advertising must abide by these terms.

If you don’t abide by the letter, and the spirit, of the marketing guidelines set forth by Wishmaker here and in the other terms and conditions and policy documents could result in the closure of your affiliate account and the loss of any revenues generates to that point. So please do us a favour, play by the rules okay. Thanks.

Also if anything here seems to contradict our full Terms and Conditions, the full terms will be the overriding rule set we refer to in case of any disputes and kerfuffles.

General Guidelines to Marketing Wishmaker

  • All gambling advertising for Wishmaker must contain an 18+ image or text, as well as “Terms and Conditions apply”.
  • All marketing campaigns promoting Wishmaker must always keep in mind responsible gaming and social responsibility in both content and target audience. This includes vulnerable adults.
  • Wishmaker affiliate campaigns are not to directly or indirectly infer that someone’s value as a person, for example attractiveness, masculinity, femininity, sex appeal, toughness, health etc., is in any way associated with their choice to access or not access the casino.
  • Wishmaker affiliate marketing campaigns must in no way promote gambling in a way that appeals to children or young people. We are 100% anti-underage gambling.
  • All marketing material needs to clearly state that “Terms and Conditions apply” while also clarifying the specific requirements of the bonus. This means tell people if they need to deposit, what wagering requirements are etc. In short be clear and accurate in your marketing buddy!
  • Wishmaker advertising may in no form give the impression that winning a jackpot or winning every time you play is a guarantee.
  • Marketing campaigns are also not allowed to give the impression that gambling can be used as a main source of income (on par with a salary), used to get out of debt or used to improve your life circumstances (pay for medical treatment, weddings, studies etc).

How to Advertise Wishmaker to Your Audience

  • From the get-go be upfront and clear that the advertising is not coming from Wishmaker itself but from a 3rd party affiliate or marketing entity.
  • All gambling advertising for Wishmaker must contain an 18+ image or text, as well as “Terms and Conditions apply”.
  • Advertising campaigns may not promote gambling in a way that appeals to children or young people. No underage gambling allowed!
  • All advertising is to be fair and honest. In the case of winner’s experiences, adverts promoting big wins and jackpots all of the aforementioned information needs to be 100% accurate and true.
  • In keeping with this fairness and honesty, all Wishmaker offers being promoted through advertising must be clearly represented including but not limited to: how to claim the offer, the financials requirements and implications of the offer, wagering and depositing requirements, cashout and withdrawal requirements etc.
  • In addition no false statements can be made to make the offer appear more attractive, this includes (but is not limited to) the use of “free”, claiming a better RTP for the game being promoted, guaranteeing jackpot or payout values.
  • False statements considered to be in breach will also be those that are used to manipulate or force a customer to make a harried or emotional decision. These will include such statements as claiming untrue wins (e.g. “Congratulations you’ve won XXX” when it’s a deposit bonus), claiming the player faces losses from not participating (e.g. “By not claiming this bonus you’ve already lost XXX” where the loss is the unclaimed bonus amount), claiming the offer is limited time when it is not (e.g. “Offer expires in 24 hours” on a not time locked offer) etc.


United Kingdom Specific Limitations

Since the implementation of the Gambling Act 2005, the Gambling Commission of Great Britain has been working on modifying and adjusting the legislation in order to better protect the UK online gambling residents and they are like a mother bear with a cub – do not cross them!

For this reason…

  • Wishmaker readily accepts SEO and PPC driven traffic (assuming the SEO and PPC campaigns abide by the General Guidelines above).
  • An Affiliate Manager will need to be consulted and provide written approval for the following UK campaigns: sms campaigns, email marketing, social media adverts (any format), native display or any kind of direct marketing sends.
  • Approval for said campaigns is not broad based. If you make changes or amendments to an approved campaign the changes will need to be reviewed by your Affiliate Manager and a new sign off provided.


Guidelines Relating to Email Marketing

  • Every outbound email (singular) or campaign sent to promote Wishmaker by an affiliate must expressly state that it is an advertising campaign and that Wishmaker is not the originator of the outbound communication.
  • Every outbound communication needs to be abide by the relevant anti-spam and GDPR compliance requirements which includes having the ability to unsubscribe, the ability to edit/update what content they receive and the right to request full erasure of their details (can be tied to the unsubscribe feature).
  • In keeping with the above all recipients of an affiliates email marketing campaign must have specifically opted in to receive gambling communication and promotions. Ideally they would be a double opt-in (or higher).
  • Your affiliate manager must have reviewed and approved the final email or final content relating to Wishmaker which will be included in your outbound email.


Stream Your Way to Top Commissions

  • If you’re a Twitch or YouTube streamer with 500+ followers, who has a fun and interactive community and you produce a great show then we want to talk to you about a live video partnership. Speak to your affiliate manager about streaming Wishmaker!
  • Even for live video the above content rules apply. We want to partner with honest, entertaining, family friendly streamers. No promoting dodgy stuff or underage gambling, m’kay!
  • UK streamers are also welcome, the only limitation is that you have to be over the age of 25, as per the Gambling Act. So if you’re heading for 30 and love live streaming your gambling lets partner up!
  • Name your application, product, website, or meetup with something unique.
  • Design your application, product, website, or meetup with unique branding and logos.
  • Use our iconic pink in your branding. That’s not required, of course, but it’s a nice way of showing a connection.
  • Feel free to include language explaining that your effort is built on the Dribbble platform so people understand your product.


Wishmaker Partners Brochure 
Wishmaker Brand Bible 
Wishmaker Marketing Brochure (Coming Soon!)
Wishmaker Logo Pack 
Wishmaker Banner Pack


Logo & Logo Variations

How to use the logo

  • The logo must either be represented in either black or white. No other colours are permitted.
  • The colours used in the background of the logo must follow our selected colour scheme.
  • A contrast must be visible between the background and the logo. If using the white logo, ensure that it is seen on a darker background and vice versa.
  • Keep it simple. We prefer for our logo to do the talking and that means using a simple and uncluttered background where possible.

How NOT to Use the Logo

How NOT to use the logo

  • Do not rotate the wishmaker logo.
  • Do not remove any spacing.
  • Do not decrease the size of the Wishmaker name.
  • Do not oversize the Wishmaker name.
  • Do not stretch or skew the logo.
  • Do not use a busy background.
  • Do not add a bevel or shadow effect on the logo.

Official Colors

Main Colour


Primary Colour Standard


Primary Colour Light 01


Primary Colour Light 02


Secondary Colour Standard


Secondary Colour Dark 01


Secondary Colour Light 01


Secondary Colour Light 02


Additional Colour Standard


Additional Colour Dark 01


Additional Colour Light 01


Additional Colour Light 02